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Date: Tue Mar 15 10:31:34 2016
Subject: 16.03.15 PhD Computational Biophysics, CNRS, Paris, FR
PhD Computational Biophysics: Design and application of coarse-grained force fields to 
study bioenergetic membrane processes in mitochondria.

A joint PhD position is available in the groups of Dr. Sterpone Fabio and Dr. Baaden Marc 
starting from September 2016. The team is located in the Institut de Biologie et Physico Chimique
(CNRS), Paris, France. 

The research has both applicative and methodological focuses. The biological application 
concerns the study of mitochondrial membrane processes involving the protein mitofusins, 
e.g. Fzo1, their conformational dynamics and assembly. Method development will focus on 
combining an explicit membrane model with in-house state-of-art coarse-grained model
 for proteins. The goal of the project is to understand through atomistic and coarse-grained 
simulations how Fzo1 membrane proteins contribute to mitochondrial membrane fusion as 
supposed by common belief. Assessing the microscopic picture of mitochondrial protein 
assemblies may have tremendous impact on industrial and medical applications.

The PhD candidate will be trained to perform and analyze atomistic and coarse-grained 
molecular dynamics simulations, in particular learning how to exploit multi-scale approaches 
for representing complex biological models. Original coarse-grained models for membrane 
proteins will be used and further developped. 

We are seeking a creative and a highly motivated student. The successful candidate must have 
a solid background in physics/chemistry or biology; computational skills are required. 

The position will be funded for three years by the Laboratory of Excellence Dynamo 

The candidate will work in the groups of Dr. Fabio Sterpone and Dr. Marc Baaden in Paris, 
in the  Laboratoire de Biochimie Thorique at the Institut de Biologie  Physico-Chimique 
( The Laboratoire de Biochimie Thorique is an internationally 
recognized  laboratory with the mission of developing and applying computational  
methodologies to solve biological relevant problems. The members are  active in the fields 
of docking, atomistic and coarse-grained  simulations tackling problems as protein/protein 
and protein/DNA  interactions, dynamics and function of membrane proteins, protein  folding 
and aggregation.  For more info on F. Sterpone and M. Baaden activities: and
Interested applicants should send a detailed CV and have three reference letters sent to:  

Dr. Sterpone Fabio 
Laboratoire de biochimie thorique, Institut de Biologie et Physico-Chimique, Paris, France  

fabio.sterpone [at]
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