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Date: Fri Jul 1 18:56:33 2016
Subject: 16.07.01 Postdoc position in MD simulation of aqueous complex chemistry, UC Riverside, USA
The Computational Materials Chemistry Laboratory led by Prof. De-en Jiang at 
Department of Chemistry, University of California, Riverside is looking for a postdoctoral 
research fellow to work on a project on aqueous complex chemistry related to uranium 
recovery from seawater. The postdoc fellow will use molecular dynamics simulations to 
examine uranyl speciation and binding with ligands under the seawater conditions. 
Free energy simulations with sampling techniques such as umbrella sampling will be 
used to obtain free energy profiles of the complexation chemistry. Applicants are 
expected to have obtained a PhD degree in theoretical/computational chemistry or a 
closely related field, with strong background in atomistic MD simulations. Experience with
force-field development and/or QM/MM technique is a plus. 

Riverside is located about 60 miles east of Los Angeles and within a hour drive to many 
attractions in Southern California such as beaches, mountains, Disney Land, Hollywood, 
and Joshua Tree National Park.
To apply, please send your CV to Prof. De-en Jiang (de-en.jiang at ucr dot edu). To check our 
groups research, please go to
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