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Date: Sun Feb 12 12:06:26 2017
Subject: 17.02.12 Two postdoc positions, In silico structure-based drug design, Uppsala University
Job description:
Two postdoc positions are available in Jens Carlssons group at the 
department of Cell and Molecular biology, Uppsala University. The goal 
of the Carlsson labs research is to use molecular modeling to study 
protein-ligand interactions, focusing on development of new molecular 
docking tools and drug discovery for G protein-coupled receptors. The 
Carlsson group uses atomic-resolution modeling to design ligands to 
pharmaceutically important targets, often in close collaboration with 
experimental groups and the pharmaceutical industry. 

The Carlsson lab is a young and international research team that recently 
joined Uppsala University and is also part of the Science for Life 
Laboratory ( See the group web page for more 
Research area:
We are seeking highly motivated research fellows who will either work on 
modeling of GPCRs with the goal to design ligands to pharmaceutically
relevant targets or development of new docking tools with particular focus
on fragment-based lead discovery.

To be eligible for employment as a postdoctoral researcher, your PhD 
must have been awarded at most 3 years before the application deadline.
The applicant should have expertise in at least one of these three areas: 
protein structure prediction, molecular docking, molecular dynamics 
simulations. Experience in modeling of GPCRs and programming is preferred,
but not required. 

The application should be sent by email (see below). The application 
should include a short letter with research interests/expertise, CV, 
and contact information for at least two references. 

Questions regarding the position can be sent to:

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