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Date: Thu Mar 30 09:13:51 2017
Subject: 17.03.30 Software/Method developers for Reactive MD (ReaxFF) and COSMO-RS at SCM in Amsterdam
Software for Chemistry & Materials (SCM, is a profitable and growing scientific 
software company based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Our software products include the 
molecular DFT code ADF, the periodic DFT code BAND, and DFTB, ReaxFF, COSMO-RS codes. 
For further expansion of our activities beyond DFT software, we now create two attractive positions 
for senior or junior software/method developers with a PhD degree in a relevant field, using the 
H2020 SME Innovation Associate programme. One position focuses on Reactive Molecular Dynamics 
(ReaxFF), the other on fluid thermodynamics (COSMO-RS).  

Full details are presented on our website:

The successful candidates will be working in collaboration with academic groups and our team of 
experienced developers, extending SCM's ReaxFF or COSMO-RS implementation.

The position will be available from 1 September 2017 and initially for one year. However, an earlier 
starting date is possible, as well as the prospect of extension and possibly permanent employment. 
Attractive, competitive salary, bonus, as well as relocation costs and secondary benefits (including 
pension fund), at least at the level of such a position at a Dutch university. 34 holidays/year on top 
of national holidays. Tax benefits (30% of salary tax-free) are usually applicable in The Netherlands 
(depending on circumstances) for a successful candidate from abroad. This is a full-time position 
based in Amsterdam.
Job applications can be sent by email to jobs- until April 30th, 2017, but preferably sooner.
Applications should contain a CV, a cover letter explaining the motivation for applying and, 
if applicable, a list of publications or software projects worked on (with own contribution specified).
References and source code may be requested at a later stage. The accompanying email should 
briefly stress already a few key reasons why you might be the most suitable person for the position.
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