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Date: Mon Jun 19 10:38:02 2017
Subject: 17.06.19 Senior Post-Doc, Computational Molecular Plasmonics, Padova, Italy
Three-years senior post-doctoral position (non-tenure track contract 
researcher) available at the Department of Chemical Sciences, 
University of Padova (Italy).

The Department of Chemical Sciences of the University of Padova  Italy - 
plans to advertise a call for a three-years senior postdoctoral position
("Ricercatore a Tempo Determinato di Tipo a - RTDa"*) in Theoretical and 
Computational Chemistry, in the framework of the ERC-CoG-2015 
TAME-Plasmons project "A Theoretical Chemistry Approach to Time-Resolved
Molecular Plasmonics"(PI: Prof.Stefano Corni, ),
tentatively starting at the beginning of 2018.

In particular, the Department is interested to hire a scientist expert in 
the development of theories, models and software for the investigation of 
optical properties of molecules interacting with plasmonic nanostructures, 
as well as their application to problems of experimental interest.

Prior to the official selection procedure, the Department would like to 
obtain an expression of interest by scientists who hold a PhD degree and 
are expected to satisfy, preferentially, the following criteria: 
1) research experience in a group different from that where the PhD was 
obtained, preferentially demonstrating an attitude towards cross-border 
2) good scientific productivity in the field indicated above; 
3) commitment to teach chemistry at the BSc- and MSc-level; 
4) positive attitude towards collaborations, also in view of applying for 

Interested individuals are invited to submit within 15th July 2017 their 
CV and a maximum four-page research project by e-mail to Prof. Michele 
Maggini, Director of the Department of Chemical Sciences, at indicating in the subject line RTDa 
application. A selected number of applicants will be invited, within two 
weeks after the application deadline, for an interview and a 
scientific presentation.

An overview of the research groups and activities at the Departments of 
Chemical Sciences could be found here:

*RTDa is a non-tenure track contract researcher position lasting three 
years with the possibility of a max. 2 years renewal, based on need, 
funding and performance.

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