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Date: Tue Jul 4 11:25:30 2017
Subject: 17.07.04 Postdoctoral Fellowship in Modeling Comparative Enzyme Inhibition, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Modeling Comparative Enzyme Inhibition, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

Concordia University in Montreal, Canada is currently accepting applications for postdoctoral fellowships valued at $47,500 per year (plus benefits) for each of two years.

Research Program Title: Modeling Comparative Enzyme Inhibition
Supervisor(s): Gilles H. Peslherbe
Reference Number: 2010

Program Description:
There is mounting experimental evidence that nitric oxide (NO) donors are promising antiparasitics with GAPDH, a central glycolytic enzyme, as a key target in parasites that rely on glycolysis for their energy supply. Effective antiparasitics must selectively inhibit the parasite enzyme but not the host analog. To complement experimental data and to advance our research on this important issue, state-of-the-art computational and theoretical chemistry approaches will be used to fully develop our understanding of the comparative inhibition of parasite vs human GAPDH. Specifically, we will probe nitroglycerin docking to P. falciparum, T. brucei, T. cruzi and human GAPDHs and perform molecular dynamics (MD) simulations of the docked structures to elucidate differences in drug binding. Additionally, other NO donors, including GSNO and CysNO, will be docked onto the GAPDHs to predict their comparative reactivity as potential drugs. The numerous GAPDH crystal structures in the Protein Data Bank (PDB) will provide an excellent platform for comparative computational modeling at the molecular level. The results are expected to establish a new mechanistic model for GAPDH inhibition and demonstrate the power of a comparative computational approach in probing biochemical function and drug design.

Academic Qualifications Required:
PhD in chemistry, biochemistry or biophysics with experience in computer simulations and quantum chemistry. Expertise with molecular dynamics software packages desirable.

Eligibility requirements:

  1. Applicants must not currently hold a postdoctoral appointment at Concordia
  2. Priority will be given to postdoctoral fellows who have obtained their PhD from another university although in exceptional cases Concordia graduates may be considered
  3. Applicants must adhere to the postdoctoral fellow eligibility criteria outlined in Concordia Universitys Postdoctoral Policy

Timeline and Application Process:
Application deadline:
Open until the position is filled but no later than September 1, 2017
Fellowship start date:
No later than October 1, 2017

Submission process:

  1. All documents must be submitted to Cynthia Raso at ( Horizon.Postdocs]-[ )
  2. Please include the reference number with your application Application checklist:
  3. One to three (1-3) page research statement demonstrating fit with the program described above
  4. Current curriculum vitae demonstrating research excellence and a capacity for leadership in the domain (maximum 5 pages).
  5. Two letters of reference from academic supervisors or current employers to be sent via e-mail directly to: Cynthia Raso at ( Horizon.Postdocs]-[ )

Concordia University is a vibrant research and teaching environment, with state-of-the-art research facilities and many research centers. Concordia is located in Montreal, Canada, a diverse and creative city, often ranked as offering one of the best quality of living experiences in North America.

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