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Date: Thu Jul 27 14:20:30 2017
Subject: 17.07.27 Computational Scientist - Cheminformatics, Bioinformatics, & Metabolic Modeling, Arzeda, Seattle
[Job Description]
Arzeda is seeking a full-stack computational scientist & software engineer
equally at home with chemistry and biology to make significant
contributions to our computational metabolic pathway design stack,
Scylax. The candidates responsibilities will be:

* Developing algorithms to probe the entirety of biodesignable space for
  novel biochemical synthesis strategies.
* Enhancing and improving the performance of Scylax.
* Connecting genomic and other biological data to computationally designed
* Designing and implementing methods for storing and versioning large
  metabolic datasets.
* Interfacing the Scylax toolchain with in-house biochemical databases. 

[Job Requirements]
The successful candidate will hold an MS or PhD in biology, biochemistry,
chemistry, chemical engineering, or related field with at least 2+ years
of industry experience or postdoctoral study. Experience developing
software in Python, C++, or Java is required. Candidates should have
experience drawn from multiple aspects of:

* Designing novel metabolic pathways or tackling organic retrosynthesis
* Developing software with a cheminformatics package such as RDKit, CDK,
  OpenEye, or the ChemAxon toolset.
* Working with bioinformatics tools such as BLAST, HMMER, multiple
  alignment and other search methods to process and analyze genomic data.
* Working with metabolic models, such as kinetic modeling, flux balance
  analysis or other COBRA methodologies, and whole genome modeling.
* Using or developing with a relational database such as MySQL or
* Developing algorithms for operations over graphs, such as traversal and
* Computational chemistry or studying small molecules in-silico (e.g.
  quantum chemistry, virtual screening, lead identification, 3D-QSAR).

The successful candidate must be willing to work in a small, driven
environment, be able to work autonomously and possess strong interpersonal
skills. Ability and willingness to work in a team is absolutely necessary.
Finally, Arzeda seeks and greatly values a strong desire to learn,
innovate and be continuously challenged.

For further information or to apply, please send your CV and a cover
letter to jobs+/

[Company Overview]
Since 2008 Arzeda has been harnessing the power of computational and
synthetic biology to create new enzymes and chemical products that can
compete on cost, sustainability and performance. In partnership with
Fortune 500 companies and industrial leaders, the company has developed a
portfolio of enzymes and specialty chemicals for polymers,
pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals and other advanced materials.
Arzeda's proprietary platform and validation process rapidly creates
"cell factories" that can be used at industrial scales to solve problems
and create opportunities that otherwise would be impossible. At Arzeda, 
you will find a team of young and highly motivated scientists and
technologists who are passionate about biochemistry and computing and
making the world a better place. We collectively believe that innovative
algorithms and software are key to advance synthetic biology and bring to
the market exciting new molecules.

Arzeda Corp. ( is an equal opportunity employer promoting
diversity and inclusion in the workspace.

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