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Date: Sun Aug 20 07:29:27 2017
Subject: 17.08.20 Application Scientist Soft Materials, Culgi BV, The Netherlands
CULGI BV (Leiden, The Netherlands) seeks an application scientist with
a background in experimental or theoretical physical chemistry, or 
computational chemistry.

Preferably, the applicant has a few years of experience as a postdoctoral
fellow in a relevant area. 

CULGI BV provides software and services for materials modeling, with many
applications in so-called soft materials: polymers, emulsions, and drug
delivery systems. 

Our customers include some of the most innovative big multinational
companies in the world, such as Proctor and Gamble, 3M, SABIC, 
and Petronas.

Our customers challenge us to do top-science, a challenge we gladly accept. 
The CULGI software suite includes modules for all aspects of a multi-scaled
model: quantum chemistry, chemical informatics, engineering thermodynamics
and molecular simulations. We are known as the most scientific commercial
molecular modeling company. 

As application scientist, you will be working closely with our customers, 
in making a model for a specific material of industrial interest.  

This could be: developing a model for drug transport through a cell
membrane, a model for sebum interaction with textile, a model for a new
polymer membrane for batteries, a model for additives transport through
packaging materials, a model for pressure sensitive adhesives, a model for
micro-emulsion usage in cosmetics, a model for the packing of new types of
strong polymers.

The list is endless and as varied as the industry.  

If you are creative, if you are a fast thinker, if you are a kind and
communicative person, if you do not want a dull moment, then this is your
chance to make your mark in the modeling community. 

The position requires relocation to the charming old city of Leiden, close
to the beach, Amsterdam, and all the wonders of Holland.
Life in the Netherlands is easy and comfortable.

The position is available per immediate. 
Date of vacancy posting: August 2017
Write a letter of motivation and CV, and fill in the contact form on
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