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Date: Thu Nov 2 18:40:16 2017
Subject: 17.11.02 Ph.D. Training in Computational Biology, University of Kansas
The Center for Computational Biology at The University of Kansas 
( welcomes applications to our PhD program in 
Computational Biology. The Center has world-class credentials in 
molecular modeling, systems biology, protein design, structural 
bioinformatics and computational chemistry, and actively engages in
community-wide activities in related disciplines. The Computational 
Biology faculty members are recognized leaders in their field:

Eric Deeds
Associate Professor
Research: Computational Models of Macromolecular Self-assembly and 
Cellular Signaling Dynamics

Yinglong Miao
Assistant Professor
Research: Biomolecular Modeling, Cellular Signaling and Computer-Aided 
Drug Design

Christian Ray
Assistant Professor
Research: Critical Points, Fitness, and Evolution in Natural and 
Synthetic Biological Networks

Joanna Slusky
Assistant Professor
Research: Exploring Membrane Protein Folding through Protein Design, 
Bioinformatics, and Molecular Biology

Ilya Vakser
Director and Professor
Research: Molecular Recognition in Structural Bioinformatics

Applicants must have a Bachelor's or Masters degree in natural 
sciences, mathematics, engineering, or another relevant field. You 
can apply by following the instructions on the University of Kansas 
Graduate Studies web site, 
The initial application deadline will be December 8, 2017 for admission
in Fall 2018. For more application information, see We encourage applications from female 
students and students from groups that have been traditionally 
underrepresented in computational biology.

Please contact Dr. Joanna Slusky at slusky() if additional 
information is needed.

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