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Date: Tue Jan 9 03:59:34 2018
Subject: 18.01.09 Computational Chemist Drug Design (m/f)
As part of an enthusiastic global team of experts in our department 
Digitalization in Research & Development, you will provide decision 
support to our crop protection and other bioscience research 
and development activities. 

In the research group Computational Chemistry & Bioinformatics 
you will work on computer-aided drug design in a team of medicinal 
chemists, biochemists and biologists.
In order to optimise active ingredients for life sciences applications 
you will use ligand-based and structure-based computational approaches. 
You will also be working with pharmacophore modeling, 2/3D-QSAR, 
data analysis and machine learning technologies.
You will also be responsible for the structural modeling (homology 
modeling, docking) of relevant proteins.

What we expect:
You have successfully finished your PhD in computational chemistry, 
biology, pharmacy or in a related field with a good knowledge in organic 
chemistry and biochemistry.
You possess a profound knowledge and experience in molecular modeling 
techniques relevant to life sciences application.
You are an expert in using commercial modeling software (e.g. MOE, 
Schrdinger) and you have experience in scripting or programming using 
Linux/UNIX and KNIME.
Your excellent interpersonal and communication skills in English will 
pave the way to an effective work in an interdisciplinary environment. 
German language skills will be considered as a plus.
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