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Date: Thu Jan 11 12:27:34 2018
Subject: 18.01.11 PhD positions in MD of metal-oxide surfaces interfaces with water
  Multiple PhD positions will become available around March 2018 at UCD 
in (DFT-) MD modelling of metal-oxide surfaces interfaces with water. 
Code development will also be a feature, in terms of setting up and 
running simulations and also for post-simulation trajectory analysis. 
Applicants with a good background in Physics, Chemistry and solid coding 
skills in Fortran, C and Python/Perl are requested to apply. Any 
experience of MD, DFT and empirical potentials will be valued, 
particularly for water. Knowledge of Unix and compiling is a plus. 
Excellent English-language skills and verbal and written communication 
is key, coupled with a capacity to give clear and effective 

  Applications should be made to Prof. Niall English (Chem Eng, UCD) 
preferably before/by 19th January, via e-mail at: niall.english[-]

  Please include a very detailed CV, names and contact details of at 
least three referees, and a very detailed application letter where you 
address each and every one of the above-mentioned desiderata  how you 
fit in and what you feel you can do, and have done. A reasonably-
detailed summary of programming projects, interests and accomplishments 
is needed.

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