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Date: Thu Feb 22 11:02:20 2018
Subject: 18.02.22 Three month fellowship in Computational Biophysics
A three month fellowship is available to work in the laboratory of Dr. Zoe Cournia 
at the Biomedical Research Foundation, Academy of Athens, Greece. 

The researcher will work on the allosteric regulation of proteins, 
identification of cryptic binding pockets and performing computer-aided drug design. 

Unbiased and enhanced sampling Molecular Dynamics simulations will be used together with 
binding affinity free energy calculations and computer-aided drug design for targeting 
identified allosteric pockets.

The following qualifications are required:
	Diploma OR PhD in Chemistry, Physics, Pharmacy, Biology or related discipline
	In case of PhD degree, no more than 2 years after finishing PhD degree
	EU nationality (Greek residents are NOT eligible to apply)
	Experience in computational chemistry and molecular simulation techniques
	Excellent knowledge (written and spoken) of English

A possibility for extending the three month fellowship exists.

Application Deadline: 27 February 2018.

To apply email Zoe Cournia at zcournia *

For more information on the Cournia lab research interests, 
please refer to the webpage:

To apply email Zoe Cournia at zcournia *
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