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Date: Mon Feb 26 23:40:28 2018
Subject: 18.02.26 Postdoctoral Position Computational Materials Design
We seek a postdoctoral researcher with a background of theoretical physics
or chemistry and strong computational skills in the development and
application of methods for virtual materials design and accelerated 
simulation methods. Candidates should have expertise in computational
or quantum chemistry, theoretical physics, or related areas. 

We expect the ability and desire to work in a heterogeneous interdisciplinary
environment, strong research skills, and a history of innovation and 
accomplishment documented by a strong academic record. Prior involvement 
in the development of complex computational methods and appropriate skills
in software engineering using state-of-the-art object-oriented languages 
would be very beneficial. Experience in high-performance computing is 
also beneficial.

Research at the materials simulation group (, 
staff ~ 20) at the Institute of Nanotechnology ( has recently
focused on the development of predictive multiscale materials design with 
applications of organic light emitting diodes, organic photovoltaics, 
molecular electronics, designer polymers, metal organic frameworks and 
novel 2D materials, such as graphene. 

The institute (staff ~300) is a central pillar of the research program 
Science and Technology of Nanosystems of the Helmholtz Society and 
offers a stimulating multidisciplinary work environment addressing many 
topical problems in nanoscience and technology, both experimentally and 
theoretically. Since the merger of the former Research Center Karlsruhe 
and Karlsruhe University, it is part of the Karlsruhe Institute of 
Technology, one of the largest research sites in Europe.
Please send applications, preferably electronically, to 
wolfgang.wenzel^-^ including the names and emails of three references.
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