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Date: Tue Feb 27 09:39:14 2018
Subject: 18.02.27 Two computational roles at AstraZeneca, Sweden or UK
AstraZeneca is now recruiting two AssociatePrincipal Scientists 
with speciality in Computational Pharmaceutics to join the 
Early Product Development (EPD) function within Pharmaceutical Sciences 
at AstraZeneca. 

1) Biopharmaceutical: Modelling of distribution, dissolution and 
absorption of drug compounds and formulated products. 
This role is focused on modelling of inhaled emergent products 
for new modalities. The role is placed in Gothenburg, Sweden.

2) Solid state and material properties: Prediction of crystal structures, 
exploring polymorph landscape, prediction of morphology, 
crystal growth and crystallization conditions, 
prediction of mechanical properties and 
surface-surface/surface-particle interactions and 
aiding selection of co-formers through modelling. 
The role is placed either in Gothenburg (Sweden), 
Cambridge (UK) or Macclesfield (UK).

For more information about the roles visit the AstraZeneca job portal. 
Use this link to apply for the roles or search for job reference 
code R-022626

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