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Date: Wed Feb 28 15:06:59 2018
Subject: 18.02.28 Molecular Modeling Scientist, Servier Monde, France, Croissy sur Seine
Servier is an international pharmaceutical company governed by a non-profit Foundation and headquartered in France. 
With a strong international presence in 148 countries and a turnover of 4 billion euros in 2016, 
we employ over 21,000 people worldwide and more than 2,000 in R&D, in Paris area. 
Being completely independent, we reinvest 25% of turnover (excluding generics) in Research and Development 
and use all our profits in growth. 

We are specialized and driven by our constant search for innovation in five major research areas: cardiovascular diseases, cancers, diabetes, 
immuno-inflammatory diseases and neurodegenerative diseases, as well as by our activities in high-quality generic drugs. 

At Servier we continue to foster the ambition to provide innovative therapies for unmet medical needs for the benefit of patients. 
We are a key player in cardiology and hypertension for the last 20 years, number 2 in Europe and 8 worldwide.

In the context of the development of our Cardiology department, and in the context of the future regrouping of our Research activities 
in a brand new state-of-the-art center in Paris-Saclay in 2020, 

we are currently seeking the opportunity to recruit a new  Molecular Modeling Scientist

	Within our Biotechnology Department, and reporting directly to the Head of Molecular Modeling Department, 
you will work on computer-aided drug design in project teams of medicinal chemists, biochemists, biophysicists and pharmacologists.
	You will use ligand-based and structure-based computational approaches to design and optimize compounds activity and ADMET profile.
	You will also be working with structure-based design approaches as well as pharmacophore modeling, 2/3D-QSAR, 
data analysis and machine learning technologies.
	You will also be responsible for the structural modeling (homology modeling, docking) of relevant proteins.
	Perform computational experiments and data analyses that accelerate the discovery of high-quality drug candidates, 
in close collaboration with chemists, biologists and other project scientists
	Work with other computational chemists and cheminformaticians to discover new computational methodology, 
create workflows and share successful methods


	You have successfully finished your PhD in computational chemistry, or molecular modeling with a good knowledge in organic chemistry, 
biochemistry and protein structures and at least five years experience in a pharma or biotech environment
	You possess a profound knowledge and experience in molecular modeling techniques relevant to drug design.
	You are an expert in using commercial modeling software (e.g. MOE, Schrdinger) both ligand-based and structure-based 
and you have experience in scripting or programming using Linux/UNIX and KNIME or Pipeline Pilot.
	You have experience in applying molecular modeling methods to structure, ligand and fragment-based drug discovery projects
	You have a strong experience in ADME modeling and drug ADME profile multi-parametric optimization
Get ready to join the team by applying right now at:
recrutement.idrs.croissy[*]  ref. 997
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