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Date: Fri Apr 27 09:51:32 2018
Subject: 18.04.27 Postdoc in Feig group at Michigan State University
There are openings for postdoctoral positions in the 

              Feig Lab at Michigan State University

to work on research projects in the area of computational biophysics.

The main interests of the Feig Lab are:
   - crowded cellular systems
   - protein-protein interactions
   - structure and dynamics of chromosomal DNA
   - development of multi-scale and coarse-grained models
   - development of protein structure prediction and refinement methods

Most projects are in close collaboration with experimental groups.

Suitable candidates will have the following qualifications:
   - Ph.D. in Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Computational Science 
     or closely related fields
   - A record of previous research in computational science in the 
     form of publications in recognized peer-reviewed journals
   - Experience with the application of classical modeling and 
     simulation methods to biological systems
   - Familiarity with at least one major molecular simulation package
   - Programming and scripting experience in Linux environments 
     with the following languages: C/C++, Fortran, python, perl  
   - Excellent verbal and written communication skills in the 
     English language
Please send a CV in PDF format to
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