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Date: Wed May 2 11:31:14 2018
Subject: 18.05.02 Postdoctoral Position - Machine Learning in Quantum Chemistry, Uppsala, Sweden
The Department of Chemistry Angstrom, at Uppsala University, Sweden, is looking for
a post doc in the interdisciplinary field of machine learning and quantum chemistry.

Scope: the holder of the position will, in interaction with the quantum chemists in the
Program of Theoretical Chemistry, be a key researcher of a project in which machine
learning technology is used to improve and create robust techniques for the exploration
 of potential energy surfaces and the optimizations of wave functions.

Requested skills: we primarily look for a person with a Ph.D. in computer science with
the direction towards machine learning, alternatively a person with a Ph.D in theoretical 
chemistry with a strong experience in the use of machine learning technology. In the
former case it is a significant bonus if the applicant has some experience from the field
of computational chemistry. Any candidate should have excellent programming skills.

Position details: the post doc position is a grant position, that is, it is not a regular salary
position. The salary of 25,000 SEK/month is exempt from tax and distributed three
months at the time.

Time: the position is a two-year position. The start of the position is negotiable, and the
earliest start is the beginning of May.
Submit application (Cover letter, personal statement, CV and one letter of
recommendation) to Prof. R. Lindh at
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