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Date: Wed May 9 09:58:23 2018
Subject: 18.05.09 PhD and/or Post-doctoral position in quantum computing
PhD and/or Post-doctoral position in quantum computing at the 
Fritz-Haber-Institute of the Max-Planck-Society

Quantum computers are not just interesting for encryption but also for  
solving important equations of electronic-structure theory (see, e.g., 
N. Moll et al., Quantum optimization using variational algorithms on 
near-term quantum devices.,

The Fritz-Haber-Institute (FHI) of the Max-Planck-Society has an opening 
for a post-doctoral and/or PhD position in quantum computing. The research 
is a collaboration of the theory department of Prof. Matthias Scheffler 
and IBM Research  Zurich represented by Dr. Nikolaj Moll. The focus will 
be on the development of quantum chemistry algorithms for quantum 
computers. You will contribute to the advancement of open-source software 
tools in Python and implement optimal algorithms on large numbers of 

What is required:
 Knowledge about electronic-structure theory.
 Strong programming skills in Python.
 Experience in quantum computing and related software development is a 

You can find more information about the Theory Department of the FHI, 
here: .

The position will be connected to the European Center of Excellence NOMAD 
(Novel Materials Discovery): .
Potential candidates should send their application, including cover-letter, 
curriculum vitae, transcript of grades and the contact-details of at least 
three references as pdf to pietsch a .
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