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Date: Mon Aug 20 11:42:27 2018
Subject: 18.08.20 Team Leader (Computer-Aided Molecular Modelling)
Role Purpose 
This is a Team Leader position in our Chemistry department where you will have the opportunity to develop new skills while working at the cutting edge of science and innovation. At Syngenta, our work matters; we are looking for the talents of today and tomorrow.  
We are seeking a highly motivated computational scientist to apply molecular modelling techniques) to design new Active Ingredients with a balanced activity/safety profile. 
Please provide a Research Summary of 2-5 pages including relevant programming experiences.

	Support discovery activities through molecular modelling, structure-/ligand-based molecular design, virtual screening
	Perform structure-property relationship analyses and drive hypothesis-based molecular design
	Work closely with a highly collaborative multidisciplinary team of chemists, biologists, biochemists, biophysicists, and structural biologists in Lead Generation and Lead Exploration
	Actively contribute at a project level to solve problems, plan future activities. Proactively communicate results and share learnings

	PhD in Computational Chemistry or a related discipline with a demonstrated track record in molecular modeling and computer-aided molecular design (CADD) 
	Expertise in structure-/ligand-based molecular design 
	Expertise of virtual screening procedures (docking, pharmacophore) 
	Familiarity with protein-ligand interaction analysis and small-molecule conformational exploration 
	Understanding of the basics of organic and physical chemistry
	Acquaintance with Linux-based command-line environment, including HPC infrastructure
	Proficiency of computer languages and OS scripting (BASH, Python)
	Strong written and verbal communication skills with very good command of English language
	Very detail-oriented aptitude and capability write high-quality, robust code and deliver precise, impactful data analyses
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