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Date: Mon Sep 24 07:31:56 2018
Subject: 18.09.24 Post-Doc position at Institut Pasteur (Paris) in protein-protein docking
An 18-month post-doctoral position is available in the Chemoinformatics and Proteochemometrics 
group (Dr O. Sperandio) of the Structural Bioinformatics unit (Pr M. Nilges) within the Structural 
Biology and Chemistry department, available immediately.

Research project: Molecular modeling and protein-protein docking to characterize key molecular 
mechanisms that underlay the pathophysiology of osteoporosis.
The position is offered in the framework of the ANR-funded Targetbone collaborative project that 
brings together the complementary expertise of the groups of Professor Martine Cohen-Solal
(Hopital Lariboisire, project coordinator), Professor Giovanni Levi (Museum National dHistoire Naturelle)
and of the Chemoinformatics and Proteochemometrics group of Dr Olivier Sperandio at Institut Pasteur. 
The overall goal of the project is to provide an integrated understanding of the cellular and molecular 
mechanisms that underlay the pathophysiology of osteoporosis focusing on the differentiation process 
of Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells (BM-MSC) and bone marrow progenitors towards the osteoblastic
lineage. Key transcription factors, playing an important role in osteogenesis, are expressed by BM-MSC 
and are upstream regulators of master genes involved in the induction of osteoblast differentiation. 
The general aim of the project is to characterize the cellular and molecular factors that promote BM-MSCs 
differentiation modifying directly the function of transcription factors in BM-MSCs or in more differentiated 
progenitors in vivo and in vitro. 

The contribution of our group to this project is to use molecular modeling and protein-protein docking 
to characterize the molecular interactions that those key transcription factors have with their known 
partners to promote BM-MSCs differentiation at the molecular level. A tight collaboration is ongoing 
with the Pole Protein of Institut Pasteur for this project. This will bring precious crystal structures to 
validate the modeling approach with one or several generated structures.
The expected results are the functional and structural characterization of the interactions that those 
transcription factors make with some of their key partners in the context of osteoporosis. This opens
new perspectives to identify druggable binding cavities, which will pave the way for future drug design 

Who are we looking for: The candidate must have a strong background in structural bioinformatics, 
homology modeling and protein-protein docking, ideally using the techniques based on evolutionary 
information. The candidate should be familiar with the concept of druggable pockets and the various 
software that can profile them. The candidate must be highly motivated, have good communication 
skills in english, and be willing and able to work with a team-spirit in a highly interactive research 

What are we offering: Funding for 18 months, with the possibility to extend the contract by applying 
to further funding. The possibility to be involved in other protein-protein docking projects, 
a highly-demanded topic on the Pasteur campus. A fruitful and highly cooperative environment with 
the rest of the department, the structural bioinformatics unit, and the bioinformatics center (C3BI) 
which contain numerous talented structural biologists and bioinformaticians.
Salary will be commensurate with experience according to the Institut Pasteur guidelines. A first 
contact is usually established through a Skype interview, followed by an invitation to give an informal 
30 minute talk to the team at the Institut Pasteur, and half a day discussing with the members of the 
lab. A decision to hire is then taken after discussion with the team.

Qualified applicants should send their CV, a statement of research interests and two letters of 
recommendation to olivier.sperandio!A!

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