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Date: Mon Dec 17 12:28:39 2018
Subject: 18.12.17 Postdoctoral Appointee - Gas-Phase Chemical Dynamics Group
The Gas-Phase Chemical Dynamics Group at Argonne National Laboratory seeks a postdoctoral appointee in the field of theoretical chemical dynamics. This position will involve collaborations with two overlapping teams of theoretical, experimental, and computational scientists. 

One team, supported by DOE-ASCR, is developing automated methods for first-principles gas-phase kinetics, including the advancement of software designed for current petascale and future exascale platforms, and the other, funded by DOE-BES, is exploring chemistry and dynamics at high pressures and includes coordinated theoretical and experimental work.

Under the guidance of a supervisor, you will:

-Support the development of new dynamical theories for high-accuracy characterizations of elementary processes in the gas phase.
-Based on mutual interest and experience, this could involve work in one or more of the following areas:
-Electronically non adiabatic chemistry, including multidimensional statistical theories and full-dimensional semi classical dynamical theories.
-Collisional energy transfer, including the development of improved descriptions of chaperone effects and other high-pressure multi collision phenomena.
-Potential energy surface development, including automation, advanced numerical analysis, and data science (machine learning) in support of any or all of the above applications.

We expect you to have:

-A record of strong academic achievement, some scientific programming and computing experience, and expertise in an area of theoretical chemistry. 
-Interested in methods development in dynamics and kinetics, including the development of software designed to take advantage of Argonnes high-performance computing resources.
-This level of knowledge is typically achieved through a formal education in chemistry or physics at the Ph.D. degree level with 0 to 3 years of experience or equivalent in the scientific application of this knowledge and practical laboratory experience.
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