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Date: Wed Feb 20 17:50:58 2019
Subject: 19.02.19 Senior Scientist/ Principal Scientist/ Director, Computational Chemistry; Cambridge, MA

Founded in 2016, Foghorn Therapeutics discovers and develops novel 
drugs to treat cancer and other serious medical disorders. The company 
seeks to discover novel therapeutics that target chromatin remodeling 

Foghorn uses a proprietary platform based on revolutionary advances in 
mechanistic understanding of disease. 


The successful candidate will be joining the computational chemistry 
team at Foghorn Therapeutics. He/she will be expected to drive and 
influence molecular design approaches by applying state of the art 
computational chemistry science. 

Of particular importance is the candidates ability to build strong 
working interactions with medicinal chemists and structural biologists.
The successful candidate will be part of the chemistry team.

Responsibilities include:

- Work in close partnership with medicinal chemists as a united 
compound design team to improve potency, selectivity, and ADME 
properties while minimizing toxicological risk.

- Help to further develop the computational chemistry infrastructure 
and software tools within Foghorn.

- Develop deep understanding of project SAR, and in concert apply 
cutting edge computational chemistry methods to influence team strategy
and compound design, and ultimately positively impact project direction

- Maintain and develop working knowledge of contemporary computational 
chemistry methods and their use in ligand design and data analysis as 
applied to drug design projects.  

- Ph.D. in a relevant scientific discipline with at least 4+ years of 
Computational Chemistry experience within a biopharma company. 

- Sufficient experience and confidence to operate independently as the 
computational chemistry resource within the project team and represent 
computational chemistry in a variety of cross-functional contexts. 

- Strong familiarity with a wide range of current computational 
chemistry software tools.

- Expert molecular designer with creativity & the ability to design 
ligands & libraries; utilizes tools to evaluate/prioritize ideas.

- Highly collaborative, team oriented professional with a passion for
drug design.  

- Experience with ligand and structure based computational chemistry 

- A working knowledge of synthetic chemistry to enable independent 
compound design of synthetically tractable targets.

- Model building and method development experience, informatics 
experience, and familiarity with high throughput screening, preferred 
but not required.
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