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Date: Thu Feb 28 03:19:48 2019
Subject: 19.02.28 (Senior) Computational Chemist (all genders), Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
(Senior) Computational Chemist (all genders)

Your role:
We are currently hiring Computational Chemists to strengthen our digital business unit, which 
drives our digital transformation globally and across business divisions.The candidate is 
expected to self-dependently execute projects, including the modeling of relevant problems 
in chemical processes and material development, design of workflows and applications to solve 
these problems, and communication with our internal customers to help them understand and 
implement the results. We offer young professionals or graduates the opportunity to boost 
their career, working in an interdisciplinary high-performance team that is focused on 
innovation in the intersection of business, chemistry and digital technology. This includes 
an opportunity to expand your skills in a scientific, technical and business dimension at 
the same time embedded in a very diverse, high caliber team.

Who you are: 
- Ph.D. in Computational and/or Theoretical Chemistry or a similar field 
- Strong in quantum chemistry with focus in simulating electronic properties of molecular systems 
- Strong in modelling photochemistry, solubility and chemical environments 
- Familiar with simulation of experimental systems with a variety of computational methods 
  and converting the obtained data into working hypotheses and models 
- Scripting and programming experience 
- Knowledge modern data analytic methods and cheminformatics tools

Apply here:

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