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Date: Thu Mar 28 09:25:24 2019
Subject: 19.03.28 Post-doc position in computational physical-chemistry/biophysics
A post-doc position is available starting from April 2019. 
The candidate will work in the group of Dr. Fabio Sterpone in Paris, in the Laboratoire de Biochimie Thorique 
at the Institut de Biologie Physico-Chimique (; the research will focus on the study of functional motions
 in the protein family of malate and lactate dehydrogenases by applying computational methodologies. 
The investigation will support neutron-scattering measurements and biochemical essays done by collaborators. 
The successful candidate must hold a PhD in Chemistry/Biophysics or related fields with a strong background in physical-chemistry/biophysics/statistical mechanics. 
An extensive expertise in computer simulations of biomolecules and analysis of large-scale protein conformational changes is required. 
Proficiency in parallel computing and programming skills are also highly desirable. 

The research aims at individuating the functional modes in key representative members of the malate/lactate dehydrogenase protein family, 
with the ultimate goal to single out the molecular basis at the origin of different functional regulations (allosteric vs non-allosteric enzymes). 
The study will also be extended to ancestral members of the family individuated via phylogenetic reconstruction. 
Further details and related publications can be found at:

The contract is offered for 18 months. The position will be funded by the ANR. The exact salary will depend on the candidates experience 
as evaluated by the French Centre National de la Recherche (CNRS) salary grid.

The Laboratoire de Biochimie Thorique is an internationally recognized laboratory with the mission of developing 
and applying computational methodologies to solve biological relevant problems. 
The members are active in the fields of docking, atomistic and coarse-grained simulations tackling problems as protein/protein and protein/DNA interactions, 
dynamics and function of membrane proteins, protein folding and aggregation.
Interested applicants should send a detailed CV and have three reference letters.
Please follow the offer open call at:

Dr. Sterpone Fabio
Laboratoire de biochimie thorique,
Institut de Biologie et Physico-Chimique, Paris, France

fabio.sterpone [at]
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