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Date: Wed Oct 14 11:45:40 2020
Subject: 20.10.14 Permenant Position for a Computational Research Specialist at UAEU
Posting Details
Grade Number	6
Job Title	Medical Research Specialist I
Position Number	313230
Posting Number	2658

Job Description	General Responsibilities: 
- Management of PIs lab/team: organization, machine/software maintenance, 
  ordering and procurement of hardware/software and consumables. 

- Carry out experiments, run simulations, learn new software, perform data 
  analysis, including the statistical analysis, and be involved 
  in interpretation and communication of main results. 

- Organize and assist in the laboratory-based practical sessions for 
  undergraduate medical students in the different Biochemistry courses. 

- Participate in the training and supervision of graduate and undergraduate students. 

- Be responsible for the technical development, maintenance and 
  troubleshooting of all laboratory computers. 

- Ensure that the work is completed efficiently and on a timely manner. 

- Adhere to the university regulations and safety whenever applicable. 

Specific Responsibilities and Tasks: 
- Independently conduct experiments involving simulations in density 
  functional theory, electronic structure theory, molecular dynamics, 
  docking, and machine learning in artificial intelligence. 

- Maintenance and follow up on short-run and long-run simulations.

- Conduct experiments involving medicinal chemistry, drug discovery, 
  biochemical processes, and mutations. 

- Run jobs on Linux (and windows) operating systems, using software like, 
  Gaussian, MolPro, OpenEye, AIMALL, etc. 

- Analyze and interpret the results using GUI interfaces like Gaussview, 
  unix shell scripts, and codes like C++, Fortran.

- Generate advanced graphs to illustrate the results. 

- Write (advanced English skills are desired), communicate and disseminate 
  the work. 

- Undergraduate medical students during the Biochemistry practical sessions. 

- Assist in training and supervision of graduate and undergraduate students 
  on specific software/methodologies relevant to their projects (understanding 
  theory, running jobs, extracting data, analyzing results, and writing it). 

- Train and supervise other research staff recruited on grants, graduate and 
  undergraduate students.

Minimum Qualification:	PhD degree in a relevant discipline (computational sciences, 
computational chemistry/biochemistry)

Preferred Qualification:	Demonstrated prior experience in using various 
operating systems including Unix/Linux, ab initio electronic structure theory, 
density functional theory, machine learning in artificial intelligence, molecular 
dynamics is essential.

Expected Skills/Rank/Experience: Minimum 3-4 years in academic or research institution 
setting and/or in the relevant scientific field.

Special Instructions to Applicant	
Division	College of Medicine&Health Sciences
Department	Biochemistry - (CMHS)
Job Close Date	open until filled
Job Category	Staff
Salary	7,000 to 18,000 AED per month

UAEU is ranked #1 in the UAE. 
AlAin city is a beautiful city in the Abu Dhabi emirate in UAE. 
It is East of the UAE at the borders of Oman, ca. 160 km east of Abu Dhabi city 
(the capital), and ca 120 km south of Dubai.
The Garden City, AlAin, is known for its greenery, oases, and low-rise architecture. 

AlAin has a warm winter, and relatively low humidity levels in the summer.
It has very good health care system, public transportation, an international airport, 
touristic places (AlAin Museum, Al-Muwaiji palace, Jebel Hafeet, Green Mubazzarah) 
and entertaining activities (at AlAin club, Hazza bi Zayed Stadium, etc.), and big 
shopping malls (AlJimi Mall, AlAin Mall, etc.) where you can get all you need from 
most basic to most sophisticated.
To apply for this position online, please click on the following link
and refine your search as follows:

Job category: staff
Job Title: Medical Research Specialist I
Division: College of Medicine & Health Sciences
In the list of the refined search, look for Biochemistry  (CMHS)
Click on it, and that will prompt you to the link for applying.
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