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Date: Fri Feb 5 13:45:49 2021
Subject: 21.01.25 Computational Chemist
Computational Chemist
A stellar opportunity to join the core team of a  growing startup: join 
DeepCure and have a  lasting impact on redefining drug-discovery. 
As a Computational Chemist at DeepCure you will be at the heart 
of designing our transformative AI platform, work on the biggest 
challenges in the pharma industry, apply cutting-edge technologies, 
and help us shape the companys scientific vision ensuring we are 
constantly pushing the bar for what is possible. In this role you will 
work closely with our biology, medicinal chemistry, and machine 
learning team to push our programs and technology forward.
DeepCure, founded by a team of researchers from the MIT Media Lab, 
develops disruptive Artificial Intelligence to revolutionize 
pharmaceutical development. DeepCure redefines the way we discover 
new drugs by combining state-of-the-art Deep Learning algorithms, 
cloud-computing,  our proprietary database of one Trillion molecules, 
and a unique approach to experimental data generation.  Our mission is 
to deliver to patients safer and more effective therapeutics that are 
extremely unlikely to be discovered by any existing drug discovery 
Be an important contributor in conceptualizing and designing DeepCures 
Computational Chemistry approach.
Lead and support drug discovery campaigns as part of a biology, medicinal 
chemistry, and AI discovery team.
Be an integral part of the decision making, development, and technical 
execution of DeepCures Computational Chemistry solutions.
Collaborate closely with DeepCures AI team to maximize the impact 
of Computational Chemistry methods on our transformative AI platform.
Apply Computational Chemistry and Cheminformatics methods to problems 
at all stages of the drug discovery process, from early target 
validation, hit-finding, lead optimization, and candidate delivery.
Design and optimize novel drug candidates using state-of-the-art 
computational techniques such as protein modeling, molecular docking 
based on x-ray or homology models, ligand-based design, library design, 
diversity analysis, conformational analysis, and pharmacophore modeling.
Conduct research into new Computational Chemistry tools and methods 
relevant to DeepCures mission.
Experience with small organic molecules
Deep passion for Artificial Intelligence and the future of drug 
development, as well as a desire to play a pivotal role in a nascent 
Ph.D. in Computational Chemistry or a related discipline with 
3 to 8 years industrial experience.
A mission-driven attitude and natural problem-solving ability.
An innovative and entrepreneurial mindset with sound scientific judgment.
Ability to work at a fast pace and readily adopt new technologies 
and ways of thinking.
Experience with scientific software such as Molecular Dynamics, FEP, 
Molecular Docking, Ligand-based design, cheminformatics, etc.
Demonstrated understanding of all aspects of modern drug discovery 
including medicinal chemistry, DMPK principles, and multi-parameter 
The ability to prototype computational methods and programmatically 
automate basic tasks.
Familiarity with software best-practices such as version control 
and testing is a plus. 
Applied experience and/or theoretical understanding of machine learning 
techniques is a plus.
Demonstrated experience functioning within strong multi-disciplinary 
project teams.
Excellent communication skills. Ability to communicate in an open, clear, 
timely and consistent manner.
For the right candidate, we'll offer a competitive salary plus equity. 
Your compensation is rounded out by a strong benefits package:
Flexible work hours, with  hybrid work-from-home and work-from-office 
Unlimited paid leave and sick time.
Healthcare, vision, and dental insurance plans, with voluntary add-ons 
available for dependent care, life, and accident coverage.
Commuter benefit for public transportation.
Work in a cool and vibrant space at the heart of Boston.
Snacks and drinks in the office.
Most importantly, you'll have a huge impact, do important work, and work 
with a team of people you'll genuinely enjoy spending the day with.
DeepCure is an equal opportunity employer, dedicated to creating 
a workplace that is free of harassment and discrimination. We base 
our employment decisions on business needs, job requirements, 
and qualifications  that's all. We do not discriminate based on race, 
gender, religion, health, personal beliefs, age, family or parental 
status, or any other status. We don't tolerate any kind of discrimination 
or bias, and we are looking for teammates who feel the same way.
Please email resumes to or apply on our website
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