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#   Shell script to generate a ppm file from a X-window screendump file of the
# current moviemol window.
#                              L.O. 31/10-95
#   This file is intended to be used if you want to make mpeg-movies from
# moviemol v1.2 animations in X-windows. The first step is to run moviemol with
# the option 'idumpscreen=1' specified in the control file. With the aid of
# the present file, this should generate a set of ppm files. You can then string
# those ppm files together using the "mpeg_encode" program.
#   You need to have installed a tool that does the actual conversion Xwd->ppm.
# In this case the program "xwdtopnm" from the "pbmplus" or the "Netpbm" package
# has been used. Modify this file to suit your needs.
xwd -nobdrs -name moviemol -out $1
#   You might prefer to skip the following 3 lines until after you have run
# moviemol, and THEN transform the xwd files to ppm files. This will make 
# moviemol run faster during creation of the screendump sequence.
cp $1 moviscrdump.xwd
xwdtopnm moviscrdump.xwd > $1
rm moviscrdump.xwd
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