Question about MOPAC v5.0

  I am trying to get MOPAC v 5.0 (QCPE #455) to perform some geometry
   optimizations and hyperpolarizability calculations (using the
   POLAR keyword) on some systems containing sulfur using the
   AM1 Hamiltonian.  The manual claims that AM1 is parametrized
   for sulfur (p. 3-3), but, when the program runs, I am told
   that only MNDO parameters are available, that it is dangerous
   to mix parameters, but that I can specify "PARASOK" and
   run the calculation anyway.  The manual (also on p. 3-3)
   does mention that if one wants to use Si or P with AM1,
   one will get this message, but sulfur is supposed to be legal.
   I hope I am not missing something obvious and bothering the
   list, but comments, fixes, etc. are requested.  I
   am glad to summarize responses if there are any.
   Please respond to cgorman[ AT ] or
   cgorman[ AT ]citchem.bitnet.  Thanks
   Chris Gorman