Looking for Prof. Harold Scheraga.

   Dear Netters:
   	I have been trying for the last two weeks to find either FAX or
   	email address of Professor Harold Scheraga at Cornell University
 	by gopher services with no luck.
   	Does anybody have this information that want to share?. The main
   	reason is to get ECEPP/3 from his group. I could send a letter to
   	him, but you know that regular mail is not reliable.
   	Sorry for the noise.
   			Dr. Ramon Garduno-Juarez
            	   Research Professor in Biophysics
   INSTITUTO DE FISICA, UNAM      ||	bitnet:		rgard;at;unamvm1
   Lab. de Cuernavaca             ||	email:		ramon;at;ifisicam.unam.mx
   Apdo. Postal 139-B             ||
   62191 Cuernavaca, Morelos      ||       FAX:		(73)173077
   MEXICO                         ||			(73)111603
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