Problem with Gaussian job

 Hi Netters: I have the following problem and will appreciate your input!
 I am performing a rather large CI calculation with the option density=curr.I
 notice that the CI run appears to be converged, with a .rwf file about 1Gbyte in
 size.  Then it looks like the 2-electron density matrix is being calculated,
 the .rwf file soars to 2Gbytes in size and the job crashes due to lack of
 disk space.  Why is the 2-electron density matrix being calculated and is there
 anyway to avoid the creation of this large file? The end of the output file
 is appended:
  DD1Dir will call FoFDir   8 times, MxPair=        80
  NAB=   300 NAA=     0 NBB=     0.
  Singles A-vector converged to   1.77D-08
  The Euclidean norm of the A-vectors is    .6768732D-06
  RLE energy=        -.7277190981
  DE(CI)=    -.72771910D+00        E(CI)=       -.19304241802D+04
  NORM(A)=    .11005301D+01
  S.C.C.=    -.18211846D+00        E(CI,SIZE)=  -.19306062986D+04
  Selected functions:
  Compute CISD 2PDM.
  IO1PDM=    0 IOW=    0 IO2PDM=    0.
  NGot=   2000000.
  Frozen-core window:  NFC=  11 NFV=   0.
 File extend in NtrExt1 failed.
 File extend in NtrExt1 failed: Invalid argument
 bsh: 15869 Abort: A memory image file is created as "core".