BioGraf and MSI

                        Subject:                               Time:12:37 PM
   OFFICE MEMO          BioGraf and MSI                        Date:7/21/95
 		Dave Young asked about the status of BioGraf.  [Suggest deleting this next
 sentence and replacing it with what follows in brackets.] Molecular
 Simulations, Inc., retains the rights to BioGraf (PolyGraf,
 NMR-Graf, etc.), however we no longer actively market or sell
 these products. Rather, virtually all of the scientific functionality (and
 more!) of BioGraf is now available through MSI either via Quanta
 (for macromolecular science), or Cerius2 (for polymers,
 combinatorial/drug-design, and materials science).
 [Suggest deleting the next two sentences and replacing them with what
 follows in brackets.]  At the time of this functionality-transition, existing
 users of BioGraf were allowed an across-the-board trade-out
 of the BioGraf functionality in these new products, and nearly
 eveyone opted to do so.
 But, and this is really important, MSI continues to answer
 scientific-support questions for those users still using these
 The CCL really isn't the appropriate forum for sales/marketing
 blurbs, so f [IF] anyone is interested in more information about
 these products and/or MSI in general, check-out our web page
 (  There are also all kinds of phone numbers,
 e-mail addresses etc. if anyone would like, .e.g.
 Don Gregory
 Protein Engineering Product Manager