NAME:     MOL-DIVERSITY - Molecular Diversity List
   Description: In order to facilitate free exchange of ideas among molecular
     diversity researchers all over the world, we have set up a
     Molecular Diversity for Basic Research and Drug Discovery Forum
     at the University of Arizona listserv server.
     This list is not a moderated one.
        Random peptide and protein libraries
        Oligosaccharide and oligonucleotide libraries
        Small organic molecular libraries
        Library design, construction, and automation
        Pooling and decovolution strategies
        Molecular tag, scaffolding, and building blocks
        High throughput and computational screening
        Library database & software management tools
        Announcement of new conferences and job opening, etc.
   Editor:  Kit S. Lam, M.D., Ph.D, (602)626-2333
             Zhan G. Zhao, Ph.D

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