NAME:     MSI-DFT density functional quantum programs

   Description: The MSI-DFT-Exploder is a non-censored, e-mail
       (and soon WEB) discussion platform for MSI-users of density
       functional quantum programs. It has been  established at the
       suggestion of MSI customers as a mechanism to discuss scientific
       issues. The DFT-Exploder is intended to:-

       1. Promote scientific discussion on the application and
          development of the density functional quantum codes from MSI.
       2. Provide a forum for users to share information about new
          functionalities, validation, applications of MSI's density
          functional quantum software.
       3. Foster the exchange of information between MSI-users including 
          application examples and sharing experiences in applying the
          various DFT software.
   Subjects: Density Functional Theory
   Editor: (msi-dft list moderator)
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