NAME:     ORGCHEM - Organic Chemistry.

   Description:    The purpose of the orgchem list is to experiment with elec-
      tronic exchange of information related to organic chemistry concerns
      of all types. The orgchem list also has an anonymous FTP site as-
      sociated with it to facilitate interchange of graphical materials such
      as ChemDraw(tm) documents or other graphical formats. The ulti-
      mate goal of this list is to provide an electronic version of dropping
      into a neighbor's office for advice and insight.
   Subjects:    Organic Chemistry, Physical Organic Chemistry.
   Editor:   Prof. Curt Breneman, Department of Chemistry, Cogswell Lab
      319A,       Rensselaer       Polytechnic       Institute,
      Troy, NY 12180, USA. PH: (518) 276-2678.  FX: (518) 276-4045.
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