Upload Instructions and Motivation

Upload Instructions

You are encouraged to use the Upload Files Web Form. If you have to use FTP, please provide the same information. On the Upload Files Web Form you will be asked to enter the following:

When you enter everything, and click on [SUBMIT] you will be sent to a page that shows the approximation of how your contribution will look when moved to the public area of the CCL Web site. You will be given a choice to accept it or correct it. When you accept it, the CCL Server will send you an e-mail message asking for confirmation. This step is needed to verify your identity. Otherwise, the CCL Web site would soon become a dumping grounds for copyrighted or illegal materials, porn, and advertisements. Once you receive the message, please click on the link provided in the message (or cut/paste it into your browser if you are using a text based mail user agent), so we know that your address was not misused by the evil-doers. After reviewing the materials, you will get message from CCL informing you where materials were placed in the CCL Archives.

How to make the uploaded materials useful?

Please note that the issue is non-trivial. Allowing unrestricted and anonymous uploads to public areas of the CCL Web site would immediately result in tons of illegal (copyrighted, proprietary) or offensive material showing on the CCL server. Moreover, someone has to check that the uploaded materials can be publicly distributed and are not restricted. These dangers of today's Internet are annoying and demand additional attention, scrutiny and time. I tried to find a way to share this burden between contributors (you) and administrators (me). For this reason, you review and document the materials and make sure that they are OK, and I put them on the web. Note that I need your contact information in case when I would need your help. The contact information will not be posted on the Web. However, you are encouraged to provide your contact information in the README file and/or in the documentation, so people can reach you if they have a question or would like to collaborate.

Why Upload files to CCL Archives?

With the growing size of CCL archives and the amount of time needed to keep this site running in the hostile Internet environment, the CCL Administrator needs your help and collaboration. Disk space is quite cheap and you can always buy more, while time cannot be replaced. There are thousands of CCL Subscribers, but there cannot be thousands of CCL administrators (as the old Polish proverb says: "when you have six cooks, you have nothing to eat"). And you are not a cook (I am), you are a patron. Contribute materials that you would find useful yourself. It does not need to be a voluminous software package, but may be just a short and useful utility or script. It does not have to be a database of 1000s of ab initio runs, but an example of some data file to perform some nontrivial (or trivial, for educational purposes) calculations. It does not have to be a Nobel Prize winning paper, but a write-up on some topic that you used for teaching or a training presentation. It can be anything that can be useful for members of the CCL community. Nothing is too big and nothing is too small. It even does not have to be your own creation, but if it is free to distribute, and you found it potentially helpful or interesting, please help the CCL administrator and upload it to CCL. It is in everyone's best interest to keep this site useful and make it better and more informative. If you help, others will also feel committed to help. Here are some points to consider:

Thank you for your support of CCL.
Jan Labanowski, Ph.D.
Computational Chemistry List, Ltd.