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This directory contains the simulation packages


as well as the supporting packages and libraries common to all of them:

    Numerical Python
    Scientific Python

All of these packages are compiled and installed with a single command:

    ./install_script /whereyouwanttoputit 

We strongly recommend that the destination directory be empty before
the installation. If you use an existing directory, e.g. /usr/local,
previously installed versions of any of these packages could be

Assuming that the script terminates successfully, you can find all
the executables in /whereyouwanttoputit/bin. You should add this
directory to your system's search path.

During compilation and installation, a subdirectory build will be
created that contains the output. Some of these products can be tested
by changing to their directory under build and typing "make test".

Log files are created in the build subdirectory.

Each of the pieces may be built individually using the corresponding .sh 
files in this directory. Some warning errors are usual from 
many of the packages and vary from architecture to architecture.

N.B.: The order in which the packages are built matters. 

You can add an 'exit 0' at any appropriate point in install_script if you
want to go up to that point and then stop.

This distribution is based on the CDAT distribution (see Thanks to the CDAT team for
providing it!

Konrad Hinsen
Centre de Biophysique Moleculaire (CNRS)
Rue Charles Sadron
45071 Orleans Cedex 2

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