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Welcome to Molecules-3D.                 December 31, 1994
This is Test Drive Version 2.10D of the commercial-release package.

This Test Drive Version will allow you to use all features of the
software.  The only limitations of the Test Drive version are: 
* Coach Lewis will accept formulas with 4 characters or less.
* Page Viewer will import molecules with 6 atoms or less.
* 3D Builder has Export Molecule and Edit Cut/Copy commmands disabled.

This disk may be freely duplicated and distributed for the purpose of
evaluating Molecules-3D provided that all files on this diskette are 
kept together.  

This diskette contains the following 4 files:
* install.exe
* molecule.001
* readme.txt (this file)

Once installed, the individual files may not be distributed.  See 
below for additional restrictions.
Installation will perform the following:
* Attempt to find the drive from which you run Windows
* Create a new directory to hold the program files
* Decompress & Copy: EXE & DLL files to the program's directory
* Decompress & Copy: Data files to the program's subdirectories
* Decompress & Copy: Configuration files to the program directory
* Decompress & Copy: INI files to the Windows directory
* Automatically install an Authorization Key to validate the software
* Offer you the chance to read various information files

If, after installation, you have problems running the new software, 
try some or all of these:
* Verify that you are running Windows 3.1 in Enhanced mode
* Make sure you have current stable video drivers. M3D pushes them hard.
* Set AUTOEXEC.BAT's SHARE statement to at least: SHARE /L:50
* In CONFIG.SYS, set FILES=50 and BUFFERS=60 (at a minimum)
* Remember to reboot if you change system files

This version has the following added functionality:

* Support added for document exchange between Windows and Macintosh systems.
* Document and molecule color settings can be saved into documents.
* Improved color management on low-end systems.
* Better palette control in exported graphics metafiles.
* Enhanced graphics support for Aldus "placeable" metafiles.
* Clipboard metafile coordinates scaled to match common WP software.
* View Color dialog now has a "Defaults" button.

* Introductory dialog explains purpose. 
* Atom symbol placement more tightly controlled.
* Auto-determination of bond placement more flexible.
* Enhanced error checking on unusual cases.
* (LP) Electrons on H's prevented.
* Keyboard accelerators added for all menu/button operations.
* Dynamically monitors student progress and skips unneeded steps.  
  User notified.

* Requires all "Errors" found in Syntax Checker to be fixed.
* Generic Parameters for entire Periodic Table provided.
* Treatment of atoms with steric numbers (bond order) 5 & 6
* Support added for aromatic amines (delocalized lone pairs)

* Preview works in the Open Fragment dialog box.
* Preview allows user to change fragment's attachment point.
* Fragment Handle labels no longer required on user-created fragments.
* Edit Geometry will always display current value, even in a ring.
* Edit Geometry will always display the distance between any two atoms.
* Select either atoms or bonds to define substructure for Edit Geometry.

* Fixes to various minor bugs.
* Improved color management on high-end systems.
* Operational streamlining

Additional Upgrade Modules for Molecules-3D that are available:
* Advanced 3D Structure & Fragment Libraries - $29
  Contains 100's of 3D structures in 13 different categories
* Advanced 3D Builder - $19
  New Valence Geometry Library & more!
* Advanced 3D Renderer & Page Viewer - $29
* Molecules-3D Pro - Professional Edition - $99
  Includes the above, plus additional functionality.  Of particular note:

MODULE: Page Viewer
* Handle multiple molecules per document
* Handle very large 3D structures (>200 atoms)
* Additional 3D data formats
* Additional object manipulation commands

MODULE: 3D Structure Library
* Greatly expanded.  100's of structures in many categories

MODULE: 3D Cleanup - minimizer 
* Customizable minimization term scripting
* Detailed minimization results reporting 

MODULE: 3D Builder 
* New Valence Geometry Library contains unusual geometries
* Expanded Fragment Library



* 3D Cleanup - Minimizer
    * Treatment of large molecules is uneven
    * Some non-standard S geometries not handled properly

Molecules-3D Test Drive is copyrighted material.

Molecules-3D Test Drive cannot be sold, either by itself or in 
combination with any other product, without express written 
permission of Molecular Arts Corporation.

If you are a user group which is publishing a CD-ROM or floppy
collection, you may include Molecules-3D Test Drive and all of 
its included files without restriction, save that the original 
package is included. Contact Moleuclar Arts for up-to-date 
versions and information.

If you are a hard disk company which distributes PD, shareware, and
freeware on your disk drives, you are welcome to distribute 
Molecules-3D Test Drive.  Contact Molecular Arts for up-to-date 
versions and information.

Commercial publishers and distributors of CD-ROM software 
collections may not distribute Molecules-3D Test Drive on CD-ROM 
without the express written permission of Molecular Arts.

Molecules-3D Test Drive may be posted on an information service 
which charges its users for general connection time and downloading, 
but it may NOT be posted to an information service which will 
charge for the specific right to download Molecules-3D Test Drive, 
without the express written permission of Molecular Arts.

Molecules-3D Test Drive may be given away as a support utility for 
a package which is itself to be given away. People who need to 
distribute Molecules-3D Test Drive as a support utility should 
contact Molecular Arts for up-to-date versions and information.

Molecules-3D Test Drive is Copyright 1991-1995 by Molecular Arts 
Corporation. All rights reserved. 

Limited warranty and limitation of remedies

The program and any support from Molecular Arts Corporation, are provided
"as is" and without warranty, express and implied, including but not
limited to any implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a
particular purpose.  In no event will Molecular Arts Corporation be
liable for any damages, including lost profits, lost savings, or other
incidental or consequential damages, even if Molecular Arts Corporation
is advised of the possibility of such damages, or for any claim by you
or any third party.  

We are very interested in hearing your comments and suggestions.
If you have any questions on the above or you have feeback on the 
feature list, please contact us at: 

Molecular Arts Corporation
Hanover Corporate Centre
1532 East Katella Avenue, Suite 1000
Anaheim, California 92805-6627 USA

Development Team
  MAIN: 1-714-634-8100
  FAX: 1-714-634-1999

                  Thank you for your support.

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