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Now you can get Molgen by downloading it from CCL archives
Jan Labanowski

> From  Wed Oct 16 01:15:05 1996
Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 1996 01:08:05 -0400
From: "J. Eric Slone" 
Organization: Scientific Consulting Services
Subject: Free Molecular Modeling and Estimation Software

Hello fellow CCL'ers...

We have a program called Molgen, which previously sold for $299 which we
are now giving away... yes, FREE.  No catches!  This is the same program
that we sold, with full modeling, depiction, MM2, conformational
analysis, thermodynamic and property estimation, and database
capabilities (and much more!)  The program runs under MS-DOS, and
requires only 640k of memory (of course, more is better.)

It ships on 6 3.5" HD disks.  To receive your free copy, send a
self-addressed, stamped disk mailer ($1.45 US postage required) with $10
to cover disks and handling to the address below.  Overseas orders,
please include $5 to cover air mail postage; and please make payment in
US funds drawn on a US bank.

Why are we giving this program away?  It's simple, we are not going to
develop this package further under the MS-DOS environment.  By giving
this program away, we are hoping that it will benefit students,
educators, and researchers who may otherwise not have this type of
software available.

Once you have a copy, please feel free to give it to your friends and
co-workers.  If you wish, you may post it on BBS or web sites.

Your order will ship within 3 days of receipt.


 J. Eric Slone                                 10 years of Serving
 Scientific Consulting Services            the Technical Community
 5500 Holmes Run Parkway, Suite 501
 Alexandria, Virginia  22304-2851

 Phone:     (703) 461-7078     
 Fax:       (703) 751-6639

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                      Freelance Technical Writing
                  Software and Multimedia Development
                     Specializing in the Sciences

Features of Molgen 3.0:

Real-time rotation and animation
		Alter Distance				
 		Alter Bond Angle
 		Alter Torsion Angle			
		Three atoms into XY plane
		Two atoms into Z axis
 		Alter rotation bond (max. 8)
		Alter virtual bond in cycles (e.g. chair to boat conversion)
Atom Add	Atom Delete
Fragment Add	Fragment Delete
Bond Create	Bond Delete
 	Inversion of one center					
	Inversion of molecule
 	Molgen		Sybyl		ChemWindow		XYZ
	Molecule	Atom		
Geometry view
 	Distance between atoms					
	Bond angle
 	Torsion angle						
	Control of geometry
Fit by least squares method
Models (output to window, screen or printer)
 	Stick			Space
 	Ball & Stick I		Ball & Stick II
Hydrogens Add		Hydrogens Remove
Electron pairs Add	Electron Pairs Remove
		on VdW surface
		in Plane
 	Comparison of potentials of two molecules on plane
 	Color palette for potential defined by user
 	Model/Mode for potentials on VdW surface
		Dotted					Space 16 colors
		Space 256 colors			To screen
		To file					To printer
 	Molar refraction
 		Calculation of Atomic charges				
		Potential 	on VdW surface		in plane
 	Comparison of potentials of two molecules on surface
 	Color palette for potential defined by user
 	Model/Mode for potentials on VdW surface
		Dotted					Space 16 colors
		Space 256 colors			To screen
		To file					To printer
 	3D-Comparison of
 		Shape of molecules			
		Electrostatic potential of molecules
 		Lipophilicity potential of molecules
 	Volume & Surface
 	Calculation and Display
 	Molecular orbital
 		Display of energy levels (max. 10 molecules, 120 orbitals)
 		Display of HOMO and LUMO
		Type of orbitals
			Localized			Canonical
 		Calculation of
			Electron density		Shape of orbitals
 		Printing of calculated orbitals
 		Simultaneous depiction of the eigenvalue level 
			diagrams of up to 10 molecules
 		Editing of the displayed orbital energies and related molecules.
 		Drawing of the canonical or localized molecular orbitals	
		Conformation analysis (max. 5 rotation bonds)
 		Optimization of
 			Selected rotation bonds (max. 8)
 			Whole molecule
 		Calculation of dipole moment
 			Dip-Dip interaction setup
 			Calculation and graphic output
 		Conformation analysis of one (max. 10 graphs) and 
			two rotation bonds
		Distribution of conformers
 		Calculation of the partition function (temperature dependent)
 	Generation of the helix for monosaccharides
 		Single			Double
 		Left			Right
 		3D structures in database
 		Create user defined databases and input 3D structures
 		Substructural search
 		Exact match searching
 		Numeric field range search
 		Text field substring search
 		Summary formula search
Printers supported
 	9 pin dot matrix printers 
		Epson FX and MX, IBM Graphics Printer &
		Proprinter, Panasonic, Okidata, and other with Epson and IBM
		emulations to 240x216 dpi resolution
 	24 pin dot matrix printers 
		Epson LQ, NEC Pinwriter, Proprinter X24, other
		with Epson LQ and Proprinter X24 emulation to 360x180 dpi
 	Laser & InkJet printers 
		Laserjet, Deskjet, Deskjet 500C, Deskjet 550C,
		Paint Jet & Cannon LBP 8, 600 dpi output on the LaserJet4
 	Postscript printers 2, 16 and 256 colors
 	Hewlett Packard pen plotters (HPGL) 
		HP7470, HP7475, HP7550, HP7585
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