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This CCL service allows you to support CCL and increase traffic to your Web site. You can either fill out the entries on this form (self-serve), or send the required information to us by e-mail to . [more...].

CCL reserves the right not to place certain logos and links, or to discontinue their display without providing any justification or reason for doing so. If such a case ever comes up, your payment for this service will be refunded. Note: supporters do not have to be computational chemists. The form requests contact/payment information (it will not be shown on the Web) and the information that you want to display on the Supporting Members Page.

After you answered all queries below, please click on . Thank you for your support.

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You can place your entry on the Supporting Members Page either by claiming previous support (e.g., if you used CCL paid services within last year) or by pledging monetary support now, or both. While we do not show the amount of support on Supporting Members Page the ordering depends on your combined CCL support indicated on this form. If you used CCL paid services during the past year, you can claim them by providing one or more Invoice Numbers [ what is it? ], and even claim Free... Customer from Payment Method: menu. You can also pledge monetary support (in addition or instead) in Support Amount: field and choose appropriate Payment Method: and this form will generate an invoice for the pledged amount (please do not enter sums smaller than 20 dollars). Entries expire after one year from the time they were created.

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If you are contributing now, we will need the address of the person who placed the order, and the billing address where the copy of the invoice should be sent. If the Ordering and Billing addresses are the same, leave the Billing Address all blank. If they are different, you need to enter a complete Billing Address. If you claim Free... Customer please leave both columns blank.

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Information above will not be shown on the Supporting CCL Members page and is used strictly for billing and contact purposes. Note: CCL is formally a for-profit Limited Liability Company, and you cannot claim tax charity deductions when supporting CCL.

Information below will be shown on the Supporting Members page. You can leave blank the fields that you do not want to share/show publicly. At the same time, you need to provide something or your entry will be shown as ANONYMOUS SUPPORTER. You may want to look at current entries on the CCL Supporting Members page to help you decide.

Enter the complete URL (link) of the Web Page that you want to be linked to your entries on the CCL Supporters page. Its URL will also be shown on the page if it is shorter than 70 characters. For example: :

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If you are submitting a logo image, and/or a contact e-mail address please provide the ALT tag. The ALT tag is used by search engines (e.g., Google) for indexing images [read more...]. Do not make it too long...
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Please enter your title and name if you want it to appear on the Supporting Members Page.
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Please enter supporting organization/group/entity, etc. name if you want it to appear on the Supporting Members Page. Your entry should stay within this box, or it will be chopped random places not to exceed 50 characters in width.
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Upload the file with the image of the logo (.gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png) from your local computer (click on browse and select the file) or provide a URL (link) to the Logo image on the Web, e.g., If you provide both we will pick the smaller one, if they are different. [more...] Note that logo image has to be small. Larger images will be automatically resized not to exceed 500 x 250 width x height. Shrinking the image may degrade its quality. The long logos (width > 2 x height) or close to square logos look the best.

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Please enter a valid e-mail address where you want interested visitors to contact you. Note: to protect CCL supporters from spam, the e-mail address will be converted from text to an image, so it cannot be harvested by spammers' robots. Human has to manually retype it, and this is not cost-effective for spammers.

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