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CCL wants to thank all of its members and sympatizers for their support. You are the ones who make CCL exist and run. You can also become a Supporting Member of CCL (and have your entry on this page) by pledging money and/or by claiming your use of CCL paid services. How and Why? Read at the Why and how to support CCL bottom of this page...

How to get on this page and why?

CCL needs your help to continue running. And you need CCL, since it is helpful in your research, education and sense of being a part of a lively on-line community. If you supported CCL by using its paid services within last year, you can claim your entry here without any additional cost. Of course, you can always contribute more... Just go to: Support CCL Entry Page and fill out a few blanks on the Web form.
Why would you like to do this?
CCL Web site is indexed daily by all important Search Engines and having your Logo and link on this page will increase traffic to your Web site.

Thanks again...

Jan Labanowski

Disclaimer: CCL is formally a for-profit Limited Liability Company and you cannot claim charity deductions by supporting CCL.