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The Computational Chemistry List (CCL) is an e-mail exploder which allows computational chemistry researchers from around the world to exchange information and experiences. You do not need to subscribe (i.e., get CCL messages) to post to CCL, but your e-mail address from which you post needs to be "blessed" by the administrator. It happens when you post your first message to CCL. The list and archives were created to promote contact between researchers involved in chemistry-related computation. This list is not restricted to any particular chemistry software or methodology; anyone is welcome to subscribe.

The Computational Chemistry List is based on a simple principle: What anybody posts, everybody gets. All postings to this list are archived and available for downloading. (However, the list of subscribers will not be made available.) By subscribing and posting to the list, you agree to adhere to the rules of the list.

CCL also archives past messages as well as other information and software useful to computational chemists. Contributions to the archive are welcome.

The list is formally a for-profit LLC registered in the state of Ohio as Computational Chemistry List, Ltd.. It is run from the private home and supported by services that it provides for the community. Please click [ HERE ] for details on how you can support CCL. Your support for CCL is a condition for its develpment and continuation.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve this service, please contact us.

CCL does not review materials that are submitted and cannot take any responsibility for their suitability for any purpose or their legal status. If you use anything coming from CCL, you do it on your own risk.

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