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NAME:     C2-L - Cerius2 Users Discussions.

   Description:    This list is for users of Cerius2. The MSI Scientific Sup-
      port Bulletin Board mailing lists are intended to provide an informal
      forum for users of MSI products to discuss various aspects of the pro-
      grams. The list is NOT designed to be an official channel for product
      support; all requests for technical product support should continue
      to go through the Scientific Support hotline.
   Subjects:    molecular mechanics, molecular dynamics, proteins, nucleic
   Editor:   Dr.  Robert B. Funchess, Senior Support Scientist, Molecular
      Simulations       Inc.,        16       New       Eng-
      land Executive Park, Burlington, MA 01803-5297, PH: (617) 229-
      9800 x202, FX: FAX (617) 229-9899, EM:, WWW:"bobf/bobf.html.
   Comments:     Unmoderated,  No  subscription  restrictions,  10  mes-
      sages/month, 100 subscribers, Archived.  List type:  LISTPROC.
      Administrative address: Distribution address:
   Archives:    Archived monthly. Anon. ftp:,
      WWW:, or via e-mail to
      (send index and then request needed files by sending get filename
      commend to
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