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NAME:     CHEMCONF - CHEMistry CONFerence.

   Description:    CHEMCONF (CHEMistry CONFerence) is devoted to the
      operation of on-line computer conferences in any area of academic
      chemistry research and education. Specific conferences on particular
      topics will be conducted from time to time; dates and topics will
      be announced via this list and in the chemistry print journals (e.g.
      Chemistry and Engineering News). This list is intended to serve as
      the main mechanism for the distribution of the text of papers invited
      by or submitted to the conference and for the discussion of those
      papers among participants and authors. Members of the chemistry
      research and education community who wish to propose topics for
      future conferences should contact T. C. O'Haver, Department of
      Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Maryland, College Park,
      MD 20742 (
   Subjects:    Chemistry, education, conference.
   Editor:   Prof.  T. C. O'Haver, Department of Chemistry and Bio-
      chemistry, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742, USA.
   Comments:     Unmoderated.  No subscription restrictions.  1-2 mes-
      sages/month between conferences. Hundreds messages/month dur-
      ing a conference. 500 subscribers. Archived. List type: LISTSERV.
      Administrative address: Distribution ad-
   Archives:    Send
      the message: INDEX CHEMCONF to to ob-
      tain the file list. Then retrieve the file by sending a message GET
      CHEMCONF file-name to the address:
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