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NAME:     CHEMIC-L - Chemistry in Israel List.

   Description:    Chemistry in Israel list is a forum for announcing academic
      activities (seminar, meetings, job offers etc.) in Israel.
   Subjects:    chemistry
   Comments:     Unmoderated. No subscription restrictions. Up to 20 mes-
      sages/month.  180 subscribers.  List type:  LISTSERV. Adminis-
      trative address: LISTSERV@VM.TAU.AC.IL. Distribution address:
   Archives:    Send       the       message       INDEX CHEMIC-L
      to the address: LISTSERV@VM.TAU.AC.IL to get file list.  The re-
      trieve the file by sending the message: GET CHEMIC-L filename to
      the address: LISTSERV@VM.TAU.AC.IL.
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