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NAME:     CHEMIND-L - Chemical Structure Indexing.

   Description:    The  Chemical  Structure  Indexing  Discussion  List
      (CHEMIND-L) serves as a forum for discussion of questions relat-
      ing to indexing and searching chemical structure information. News
      and questions about new developments in indexing and searching
      techniques, new structure searchable databases and systems (online,
      in-house or on CD-ROM), and developments in existing databases
      are suitable as topics for discussion. It is intended that the full range
      of indexing techniques from textual codes to graphical structures
      will be covered and there should be no restriction on the range of
      types of structure - specific structures of all types (organic, inorganic,
      organometallic, polymers, macromolecules, etc.) and Markush struc-
      tures typically found in patents although now finding wider use.
      This list was founded in July 1994 and is maintained and supported
      by Derwent Information Ltd, who specialize in supply of scientific
      and patent information in a variety of forms. The owner of the list is
      Bill Town, Development Manager for Polymer & General Chemistry
      at Derwent.
   Subjects:    chemical structure indexing, searching, databases.
   Editor:   Bill Town, Derwent Information Ltd., Derwent House, 14 Great
      Queen Street, London, England WC2B 5DF, UK. PH: +44 71 344
      2800. FX: +44 71 344 2911. EM:
   Comments:     Unmoderated. Archived. List type: LISTSERV. Admin-
      istrative address: Distribution address:
   Archives:    Available  via  e-mail.    To  retrieve  messages  for  a
      given  month  send  a  message:   GET CHEMIND-L LOGyymm  to,  e.g.,  for  July  94  messages:   GET
      CHEMIND-L LOG9407.
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