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NAME:     CHEMISTRYTM - Chemistry Telementoring.

      Description:    Chemistry Telementoring (Chemistrytm) is an inter-
         national telementoring discussion group for students in high
         school and college, and their teachers, whose interest (avoca-
         tion, coursework or career) lies in the area of Chemistry. The
         group fosters the exchange of ideas and information on all top-
         ics related to chemistry. Chemistrytm is an open (unmoderated)
         list intended to include students from every country connected
         to Bitnet and the Internet.
      Subjects:   chemistry.
      Editor:   Oliver Seely, Department of Chemistry, CSU Dominguez
         Hills, EM:
      Comments:     Unmoderated, 5-10 messages/month, archives to be
         made accessible, 80 subscribers.  List type:  UNIX. Adminis-
         trative address:
         Distribution address:
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