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NAME:     GA Digest - Genetic Algorithm List

   Description:    GA-list is a posting of news, opinions, questions and dis-
      cussions of interesting issues to the genetic algorithms community.
      Announcements for related conferences, seminars and books are also
      posted here. GA-List is moderated.
   Subjects:    genetic  algorithms,  evolutionary  programming,  evolution
      strategies, genetic programming (these are all known as "evolution-
      ary algorithms").
   Editor:   William M. Spears (Current Moderator),
   Comments:     Moderated.               4     messages/month.
      2700 subscribers. Archived. List type: UNIX. Administrative ad-
      dress: Distribution address:
   Archives: is an anonymous FTP site. It con-
      tains papers by the AIC staff, code, conference announcements, and
      back issues of the digest. Should be up on WWW soon.
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