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NAME:     INTERF-L - Interfacial Phenomena.

   Description:   The list is intended for physicists, chemists, biologists and
      engineers whose research interests lie within the broad area of physics
      and chemistry of Interfacial Phenomena.  In particular:  (1) Liq-
      uids at Interfaces, Wetting and Adhesion Phenomena, Capillarity.
      (2) Complex and Macromolecular Fluids: Structure, Phase Transi-
      tions and Interfaces. (3) Thermodynamics and Hydrodynamics of
      Polymer Melts and Solutions, Microemulsions, Colloids, Emulsions

      and Foams, Suspensions, Surfactants in Solutions, Membranes, Am-
      phiphilic Monolayers and Bilayers, Gels, Liquid Crystals and Porous
      Media.  The INTERF-L Interest Group will provide the following
      functions: (1) Increase the communication between members of this
      inter- disciplinary community in Israel. (2) Announcements of sem-
      inars, conferences, scientific programs, grants and other items of
      common interest.
   Subjects:    Interfacial Phenomena, surface physics, surface physics, com-
      plex fluids, soft condensed matter, polymers, colloids, emulsions,
      foams, liquid crystals, amphiphiles, suspensions, membranes, gels,
      wetting, adhesion, surfactants, macromolecular fluids.
   Editor:   David Andelman School of Physics, Tel Aviv University, Ramat
      Aviv 69978 Israel. PH: +972-3-6407239, FX: +972-3-6422979, EM:
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