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NAME:     MXDIAG-L - Molecular Pathology and Diagnostics.

   Description:    The list is for discussion of Molecular Diagnostics includ-
      ing scientific, technical, and regulatory issues.
   Subjects:    DNA, RNA, analysis.
   Editors:   No editor.
   Comments:     Unmoderated.                    5       mes-
      sages/month.  150 subscribers.  Archived.  List type: LISTSERV.
      Administrative address: LISTSERV@ALBNYDH2.bitnet. Distribution
      address: MXDIAG-L@ALBNYDH2.bitnet.
   Archives:    To retrieve messages for a given month send the message:
      GET MXDIAG-L LOGyymm to listserv@albnydh2.bitnet, for exam-
      ple GET MXDIAG-L LOG9409
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