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NAME:     NAPRONET - Natural Products.

   Description:    Napronet is an electronic scientific forum to discuss chem-
      istry and biology of natural products. It is intended to be used for
      discussions about chemistry and biological activity of natural prod-
      ucts, discussions about the academic and industrial professional is-
      sues, contact searches, international and national meeting announce-
      ments and for various information exchanges within the scope of list.
   Subjects:    Chemistry of natural products, biological activities of natu-
      ral products, spectroscopy, isolation techniques, syntheses of natural
      products, chemical transformations of natural products, biological
      transformations, biotechnology.
   Editor:   Mahmut Miski, Ph.D., Sanofi Winthrop Pharmaceuticals R&D,
      25 Great Valley Pkwy., Malvern, PA 19355, USA. PH: (610)
      889-6101.   FX: (610) 889-6009.   EM:,  Mustafa Akgul, Ph.D., Dept.  of Industrial
      Engineering, Bilkent University, 06533 Bilkent, Ankara, Turkey.
      PH: 90-312-266 4000 X1237. FX: 90-312-266 4477(Secretary), 90-
      312-266 4126. EM:

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